Why working with a recruiter just makes sense

Finding a position as a HR Manager

Human Resources is a vital sector of any large or medium sized company. Within the human resources team, there are usually assistants, generalists and managers. All of these employees are tasked with different jobs that oversee the overall success of a company and its’ employees.

An HR manager, though, is the most important part of the HR team. They are often tasked with not only overseeing the HR assistants and generalists, but also the company as a whole. The manager will work with employees from initial application to the day they leave, handling recruiting, interviews, new hire training and exit strategies. In addition to working with new hires, HR managers will also work with current employees to ensure the inner workings of a company are running smoothly. They also are usually the go-to person regarding the negotiation and implementation of a company’s benefits package including the handling of pay and health insurance benefits. This alone makes them a critical part of the executive team at any company. Finally, they also handle any and all complaints from within the company and act as a liaison between staff and executives.

HR managers are tasked with a lot, but the reward is equal to the workload. HR managers are usually paid, on average, about $110,000 a year—much higher than most administrative-based positions. Plus, almost every type of company needs and employs HR managers, so there is usually no shortage of job openings.

But becoming an HR manager isn’t easy. Here are the steps required to become one.

Get a Degree

Most companies require a Bachelor’s Degree, usually in human resources. Other degrees, though, like business or education, are also good stepping stones to becoming a Human Resources Manager. If you are applying to a large, well-known company, or a company that may have a more technical or financial background, you may be required to have a Master’s Degree in human resources or business administration, which requires the completion of an MBA.

Get Experience

Unfortunately, you can’t just get your degree (even a master’s) and begin working as an HR manager. Just like most manager positions, you must have multiple years of work experience in the HR field before you can qualify for the managerial level. Look for HR positions that have the words specialist or assistant in them. If you are unable to get these when just starting out, getting a job as an office manager, administrative assistant, or receptionist are also great stepping stones to breaking into human resources.

Get Certified

Not all companies will require a certification, but having one is sure to put you ahead of other candidates when applying for an HR manager position. The Professional of Human Resources certification, or PHR, is probably the most popular and most beneficial, but it isn’t easy to get. You must have four years of work experience in the HR field and take six different tests to gain this certification. But there are others, such as the Certified Employment Benefits Specialist, which will also look great on a resume.

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