Peter Goodkind, President

After graduating from Columbia University, Peter Goodkind began his recruitment career. Honing his skills and developing his network, he launched The Goodkind Group, LLC in 1991. The company grew exponentially in its first decade and became an industry leader. Following two mergers, in November 2013, Peter re-launched the Goodkind Group, which has more than quadrupled in growth, personnel, and revenue. With his unique hands-on management style and success of the sales and recruiting teams, The Goodkind Group’s stellar reputation is widely recognized in the industry. Peter takes great pride in embodying and nurturing the spirit of a family. Integrity, respect, and loyalty are the guiding principles that distinguish their corporate culture. His father, E. Robert Goodkind, of the law firm, Pryor Cashman LLP has been Peter’s lifetime mentor and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors. The business possesses 15+ industry divisions, most recently including healthcare, hospitality, and light industrial practices. The Goodkind Group, LLC has expanded its headquarters beyond NYC to offices in NJ and Long Island.
Among his outside pursuits, Peter currently serves as a trustee for The Strategic Forum, a business leadership network that provides mentorship and support for aspiring entrepreneurs and business school students. Additionally, he has served as a trustee for The Camphill Foundation, an organization that provides a healthy and vibrant community for the developmentally disabled. Peter also participates in the CORE Foundation, Congress for Racial Equalities. 
Peter and his wife Stephanie are very proud of their three grown children’s personal and professional success. They currently enjoy their three Basset hounds, five rescued felines, and the maintenance of two saltwater fish and coral aquariums.