Managed Review

The Goodkind Group’s Project Management team uses its expertise in leading technologies to design a review process consistent with your quality, efficiency, and cost goals. Our expert recruiters and Managers work collaboratively with you and will consult to implement a custom strategy that meets your objective.

Our Document and Review services include:

  • Review setup and implementation
  • Budget planning and cost containment
  • Prioritization and workflow management
  • Use of predictive coding, deduplication, and e-mail threading
  • Tailored reports

Exceptional Staffing:

  • Attorneys | Paralegals | Foreign-Language Reviewers
  • Candidates proficient in a wide variety of review platforms
  • Ranking system that tracks reviewer performance in real-time, ensuring the best candidates comprise the review team

Secure Review Facility:

The Goodkind Group will work on-site or at our Review Center, located in Midtown Manhattan. Our site includes:

  • Fully furnished and wired workspace, scalable for large or small projects
  • Secure access
  • Onsite Project Manager for the duration of a review

Our multi-tiered, Quality Control and Reporting process include:

  • Early identification of error trends to assess the need for retraining or clarification of instructions
  • Early identification of poor performers for rehabilitation or dismissal and top performers for quality control review
  • Individual reviewer and overall metrics tracking
  • Ongoing training using a question-and-answer log
  • Statistical sampling for quality assurance